Svilengrad kept secret of a century malebito

In the pastry shop ” Parapina ” in Svilengrad outsiders are not allowed. It is forbidden for photographers, since installations and the technology and recipe for a unique and found only in this region of Europe dessert are deeply guarded secret.

At 5.30 hours on duty in the morning shift stir the mixture of rice and milk and puts it to boil. Then waiting to become a creamy mixture which still manually filled ladles into plastic packaging, wherein after about 2 hours cool and concentrated.

Syrup scented rose is packaged separately and pour over the cream shortly before the lover of sweets has taken a spoon. Svilengrad malebi famous today not known to more than 100 kilometers from the place of preparation, unless it be offered locally.

“Unlike almost already 100% products of the food industry in this still does not contain preservatives.

At the beginning of the last century recipe is brought from the Arab world by George Karageorgiev who apprenticed in Sheker workshops in the Middle East.

Resident then Turkish town Mustafa Pasha opened the shop “Bee” on the main street, which became a hit and lasted until September 9, 1944

His sons Asho and Vasil inherited the craft, and then kept the mystery of sweet and his successors.

“Production has not stopped for a day even during the war. In 1965 malebito begun to do in then created local Cooperative Union. My mother Petkana was a student and started working there at the same time. Subsequently town bakery inherited unchanged technology,” says Todor Valkov, who graduated from technical school in baking and confectionery industry in Sofia shortly before the fall of sotsa.

Despite his age Petkana Valkova still helping in the family business.

When mothers stop breastfeeding their children begin to nourish them with light pastes and purees. In Svilengrad is not the case – one of the first food after weaning the baby is malebito.

It is perceived extremely well even 4-5 month as the cream is easy to adopt and grain on the rice is completely devoid of gluten, unlike other cereals.

As wheat and rice has its own specific features. Not by any variety becomes material for malebi. Shopping from a single supplier, Bulgarian producer. Of course, the type and origin of the main raw material is a company secret, “says pastry chef
“Many friends and even clients have asked me:” Could not the syrup is a different flavor than a rose, for example a cherry? ”
“If it is pink flavor, it will not be Svilengrad malebi” answer them, “says Valkov.

In the summer Well, the best combination was malebi with vanilla ice cream

not kill specific hint of rose. Lovers and followers of the diet should be aware that 100 grams malebi has 120 calories.

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